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BBCActive English Language Learning (formerly BBC ELT) operates through licensing arrangements with publishing and distribution partners worldwide.

The BBC Active catalogue comprises new English language learning brands in media such as print, audio, DVD, VCD, video. These include: Ozmo, a major English learning property with DVD/video series and a range of books, audio and learning components for young children; Goal, a 13-part television drama combining football and English learning, again with a full range of components in print, audio and DVD format; and Search, a 26-part drama for adult learners, also with fully integrated multi-media components.

This award-winning team works with leading ELT authors, consultants and producers to develop multiple media products designed for adaptation into local versions in particular markets. The range of the BBC Active English language portfolio ensures that language learners of all ages and ability can learn English, with materials developed to suit the self-study and home learning environments at different ability levels and across the segments of children, teenagers and adults.

BBC Active is seeking to further develop licensing relationships with partners worldwide and in diverse consumer channels - from retail and direct marketing to partworks, magazines and newspapers, from digital to online and mobile media.

For information on buying the products featured for personal use, please click on the 'View Rights Sold' link on each title information page. You will be able to check if the product you are interested in is distributed in your country.

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